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Are you looking for the quickest way to organize the birthday party for kids? Let's start with my video game Fortnite themed party ideas.

Do you think presenting a report to your company's corporate board or CEO was hard and stressful? Think again! Organizing a gamer birthday theme party for a 7-year-old boy in only one week and fulfill all his wishes is a lot more stress because first, you need to have ideas! So I asked my self what does he want for his birthday party? He likes video games. Well, something video game - Fortnite Battle Royale. So again, I asked myself what on earth is that and how to make a kid's birthday party? So, I start thinking. What do I do know? This is going to be fun!

I find the official games website and start digging to get some birthday party ideas. There are games called Save the World, and there is another one that sounds more familiar - Battle Royale. Let me play the trailer. Which season?! I have no idea. Then I check all the trailers and youtube episodes, and I realize that some competitions are going on as well. And again, I get lost. But no, I won't panic yet. I decided to try another search for Fortnite themed birthday party ideas and Epic Fortnite birthday party supplies. I'll try to find some video gamer heroes and see if something sounds familiar or to search. He is talking about this epic games all the time. So I understand that there are ninjas, constructors, fun soldiers, famous Fortnite Llama, etc. And there is something banana, tomato head, creepy bear...and there is a Marshmello! That's the one he wanted. I feel a bit relieved.

DIY Fortnite themed birthday party - Marshmello

Now I know what I'm looking for, but I have no clue where to find it. First of all, I need birthday party invitations. And I need them now since the party is next week. Now, I almost start crying. Where to find my boys' favorite Fortnite party supplies? I'm not sure such a thing even exists. I've seen so many Disney characters theme parties but a video game party character? So I searched, searched, searched, and searched. I'll do another search for party favors, supplies, and Fortnite party printables. After checking a few, I come up to this website called PimpYourWorld, a funny name :) but I found it, among many other birthday themes! No way, you cannot imagine my joy!

Ultimate Fortnite Party Invitation Ideas

So, I search for him and found invitations for him! All you need to do is to choose an invitation you like most and enter your party details. They will send you very quickly the final one to your email. Take a local print store and print as many copies as you want. I love that option. Check here some of the Fortnite party ideas for invites.

Fortnite Battle Royale - Marshmello Birthday Party Invitation

Games Birthday Party Invitations

Fortnite Battle Royale Birthday Party Invitations

Royale Party Ideas for Battle Happy Birthday Flags

Luckily, I make the inquiry and find out they can make whatever I want more! And I can have everything I need, like Happy Birthday banner, cupcake, and party cake topper, bottle labels, all party favors and birthday party decorations in one place. Birthday flags are already print made on letter-size paper so that you can print and assemble it at home choice for surprise birthday moments. I got full numbers, silhouettes, and alphabet, so it was easy to make a flawless welcome party message for my son.

Games Birthday Banner Decoration Video game Birthday Party Banner Decoration
Birthday Printable Decoration Birthday Full Alphabet and Numbers Decoration

Birthday Party Ideas for Supply Drop Loot Cupcake Toppers

I fond so many tables and Fortnite party food game decorations and party favors in Fortnite party supplies with his favorite heroes. Cupcakes printable toppers are such a good design to decorate your birthday table, so I didn't miss the opportunity to decorate every corner of his special day. They are 2" in diameter and flawlessly fit standard party cupcakes.

Printable Party Food Cupcake Topper for Cookies Fortnite Party Food - Printable Colorfull Party Food Cupcakes for Cookies

Party Favors Bag Topper

Also, you can check their Fortnite party supplies for Supply Drop candy/treat bag topper and bottle label. You can personalize it with your party message and choose the perfect size, depending on your candy bags. It super easy; select a gaming design, enter your custom size, print it, and glue it. Hassle-free.

Treat Party Favors Bag Toppers

Birthday Party Ideas for Slurp Juice, Chung Jugs, and Shield Potion Bottle Labels

Epic Fortnite Slurp Juice and Shield Potion Bottle Labels

Gamer Shirt for kids party

I'm sure my boy would love to have a party game t-shirt with his hero on it, so I'll order for all the kids and 1 for myself! Maybe not, I'll ask for Minnie Mouse for myself :) but again, it's effortless. They are selling gaming print-ready iron on transfer design, and you have to get iron-on transfer paper from Walmart and apply it with iron-on on a party shirt. Such great DIY Fortnite party ideas!

Birthday Party T-shirt
Party Shirt Iron On Transfer

Gamer Cake Topper | Favors

The best option in this store is that they send me the prepared custom-tailored design, printable games party supplies templates I choose, and then I print it on my own! I can even print some of the things on my home printer! I also made a special request to decorate my gamers birthday table and order the cake toppers! I ordered two them, so I wanted one to have his favorite character for blowing the candles. The other one, so every kid gets the Crackshot on his/her piece of cake!

Party Food - Video Gamer Cake Toppers Ideas Birthday Cake Edible Toppers
Party Decorations - Kids birthday Cake Image Topper Birthday Cakes

And in the end, I didn't forget party gaming gifts for kids, to complete my gamer adventure for this year I choose a simple bag front so I can print it at home and of course, it has to be the same video game. Kids just loved them. Check what they have of party decorations and party printables for party gift bags and Thank you cards.

Gift Drop Loot Set Box and Drop Bags Fronts Party Ideas

Party Favor Bags Party Goodie Drop Bags

Birthday party ideas for Battle Royal Thank You and Gift Favors Tags

Birthday Party Decorations - Party Thank You and Gift Tag

Printable Thank You Card Party Gift Tag

You cannot imagine my satisfaction and how relieved I felt! The best thing is that you get it fast, and by the time you get all the RSVPs, you know the exact number of kids coming. You don't have to waste your money on buying a lot of game party supplies bags or T-shirts because let's face it, next year will be a whole new adventure with new heroes and new party topics.

So, I received the files with a fantastic gamer design, printed it out in 2 days, loved the quality, and I threw a unique party! I just forwarded the cake and cupcakes items to the cake shop and saved my time on going there twice. My boy loved it so much that he cried at the end of the party. Why? Because first I got ideas about how to manage to make him a perfect birthday party!

Honestly, I was even happier seeing all these smiling faces. I felt so proud that I managed to succeed in organizing this game party, and I'm sure many moms will be so grateful for knowing that such great business exists.

Now when it's so easy to organize such an unusual party, I can't wait for the next year!

Fortnite Battle Royale - Marshmello Birthday Party Invitation

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