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Excellent, Beautiful! Loved it! And the company very professional and the best part it was done on less that 48 hours.

Dawn L.
Verified customer

Loved it! I received the jpg image quickly and it was absolutely beautiful! My daughter loved it!

Brittany W.
Verified customer

Good quality, exactly what I was looking for and fast shipping!

Miro P.
Verified customer

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Have you found the perfect product? That's great news! All of our products are tagged and marked with a text field for you to customize the name, message, or anything else you desire. You can refer to the product image for our suggestions on customization, but if you don't like them, you can always provide your own ideas in the personalization field. If you prefer no customization, simply write "No personalization," and we'll print the product without any text.

In case you've found a product you like that doesn't have a personalization field, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll make a customizable version of the product for you.

Yes, we offer free shipping on selected products. We label and mark all our products with free shipping, indicating the countries and regions where this option is available. Our commitment to providing the best shopping experience includes offering free shipping to make it easier for our customers.

Multiple factors affect the delivery of our products, including but not limited to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the delivery location, the distance between the delivery location and the warehouse, and other related factors. However, we provide the estimated delivery time for each product on its respective page even before adding the item to your cart so that you can make an informed decision about your purchase.

If you're curious about when your order will arrive, you can use a simple formula to estimate the delivery time. All you need to do is add the estimated fulfillment and shipping times together. Remember, each product has its own estimated fulfillment and shipping time, so account for each. It's important to note that the estimated delivery time is just an estimate and is not a guarantee.

At times, the tracking system may display an unchanged status or indicate that the shipping carrier is waiting for the item. This is usually due to the ongoing global pandemic and the situation in different states. Major delivery companies like USPS, DHL, and UPS have reported that the tracking system may not be updated as frequently due to a reduced workforce during Covid-19. However, an unchanged status does not necessarily mean that your order will not be delivered. It could simply be a human error or a delay in updating the system. Please note that the tracking system may take a few days to be updated and sometimes it may be updated after the package has already been delivered.

If your order status remains unchanged in the tracking system for more than ten business days, we suggest contacting your local post office for additional information and providing them with your order number. If your local post office is unable to provide information or if your package is reported as lost, please contact us without delay. We are happy to offer you the option of a full refund or replacement at no additional cost for lost packages.