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How to print cake topper images?

What are edible cake images?

Edible cake images or frosting sheets, or icing transfer sheets are digital images. These images can be anything you want, perfect for personalization. Its new technology in decorating birthday cakes that save money and time. It's not made from a wafer-like a traditional cake topper. You can print in the local print center and apply it to the birthday cake yourself. It's effortless. It is applicable. No shipping, no waiting!

Where can I print edible cake toppers?

The best option is to call your local bakery, candy store, or copy center store and check with them. You can also search online by entering "Print Edible Cake Topper Image" and then clicking on google maps to show you local stores. A small tip - every bakery or candy store will try to suggest a traditional cake topper (made from the wafer). Don't give up and call others or you can upload and print online! Sometimes shipping can be expensive, so the best option is local printing.

How to tell them what I need?

Ask them to print personal photos/images on "frosting sheets" or "wafer paper." Why not forget to tell them it's "personal" - Simple, some stores will sometimes ask for copyright notice. If you are sending an email, don't forget to tell them it's for a kid's "personal" birthday party.

What is the best printing paper and option for edible images?

"Frosting sheets" is the best option because colors are bright, vibrant, and clear. "Wafer paper" is paper without taste. But unlike the frosting sheets, they are a little transparent and do not melt into the frosting. So our option as graphic designers will be "Frosting sheets" for the best visual effects. And also, you will save a lot of money compared to the traditional cake topper.

Are edible images safe to eat?

Of course. Most bakeries use new and unique printers with edible inks. These inks are mainly for this purpose with non-toxic. Colors are a mix of sugar and food coloring that you already use in your kitchen.

How to apply printable cake topper images? 

  • First, keep your frosting sheet or cake topper in the original sealed bag until you are ready to apply it. You don't need to keep it in the refrigerator. Avoid direct daylight.
  • When your birthday cake is ready, please remove it from the original bag.
  • Apply your cake image, putting it on top of your birthday cake. Tip - to avoid colors fading, apply your cake image topper within 24 hours of your event. The best option to maintain vibrant colors will be to use it an hour before.

Check this video tutorial to learn more about how to apply an edible cake topper.