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Choose the Hello Kitty party personalized t-shirt transfer digital file and apply it NOW on your favorite shirt. Get Moana characters from a popular online massive video game. We made perfect and recognized design and message in the Hello Kitty style. All you have to do is to send us your name, turning age, or your custom message, and we will make a design for you. It's perfect for a personalized gift or as a birthday shirt for your kids' birthday party. 

Why would you wait for shipping or have impoverished chooses for t-shirts you don't like. Make personalized birthday shirts with your ultimate message. Print it in local photo/copy stores or print it at the house with an Inkjet or Cricut printer. It's super easy—no waiting, Not to worry about the quality of your t-shirt. You choose your design, and you choose your favorite shirt and where to reprint it as many as you like!

Birthday Shirt Hello Kitty includes:

These are party printable t-shirt design files. Ready to be personalized with your custom message. Just enter your personalization. And you will get PDF or JPG file(s) formatted and print-ready at house or professionally at stores.

  • Size (inches): 8.5x11 or Custom (write your size)
  • Quality: High 300dpi
  • File: PDF or JPG

For more Hello Kitty birthday party printables, party ideas, and party favor. Check our Hello Kitty birthday party supplies. If you are looking for a different Moana birthday party design, you can request a custom order.

What do you need to print a custom t-shirt at the house?


Transfer Paper

We suggest purchasing Avery iron-on papers. Avery offers two different types of fabric transfer sheets for inkjet printers. One is for dark shirts, and one is for light shirts. You can find them in a local office supply store, big box stores, or online at Amazon.com. Keep in mind that the white areas of an illustration do not imprint. These areas will be transparent because there is no white ink in the printer. If you are printing on the dark-colored fabric, you need to purchase the paper for dark colors. 

Color Printer

Deskjet or Laser, make sure you purchase the corresponding paper for the printer you will use


T-shirt, hoodie, tank top, pillowcase, fabric bags. Read the directions on the paper you choose for details of what fabrics will work.clear.


Iron (or heat transferal press).

How to print and apply?

Check this video tutorial to learn how to DIY Custom Print T-Shirts | Iron-On Transfer Paper

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