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This product is a digital printable and personalized JPG or PDF for DIY printing at home or in a local print center. Find more information in the product description...



Choose personalized and printable Disney Moana Water Bottle Labels and transform boring water bottles into an amazing drink at a birthday party. Surprise your kids and guest and make a perfect Moana birthday party.

Moana Water Bottle Labels include: 

Our bottle labels are ready-made for printing and cutting at home. You will get pdf file(s) formatted for printing on American Letter Paper format for DIY easy printing at home.

  • Size (inches): 8.2x2
  • Quality: High Print 300dpi
  • Print File: PDF or JPG

If you want a special message or just a different design with your birthday personalization details, you can request a custom order.

What you need to DIY & print at home

  • A most recent version of Adobe Reader. If you don’t, it’s free, and you can download it here
  • Good quality color printer
  • 8.5x11 bright white cardstock 
  • Scissors for cutting
  • Hot Glue Gun or Superglue sticks

Customer Reviews

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very useful
Great idea :) Kids never drank more water. Because of that, I just wanted to label the bottles in my house. The seller was so kind, he removed the "Happy Birthday" sign. Perfect

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