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Unlike traditional printing, umbrellas offer a curved surface, making them a unique canvas for your designs. This means complex, high-detail photographs might translate poorly. Bold designs, logos, patterns, and text work best. For a truly unique touch, consider color gradients or geometric shapes that play with the curvature of the umbrella.
Get inspired! Simple text-based designs are perfect for personalized umbrellas or promotional giveaways. Play with fonts and text size to create a statement piece. You could even explore using the underside of the canopy for your message, creating a surprise element when the umbrella is opened.
Rest assured that we can design anything you need. You can choose any theme available in our store or request our custom design services, and we will create something special and unique with your own personalization.
Production time varies depending on complexity of your design. Typically, it takes 5-10 business days for production after you approve the final design. Factor in shipping time, which can range from a few days to a week, depending on your location.
Yes, the quality of the umbrella itself will impact the price and durability of your custom design. Consider factors like the canopy material (nylon is standard, but higher-end options exist), the sturdiness of the frame, and wind resistance. If you use your umbrella frequently, invest in a higher-quality option that will hold up to the elements.


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