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Decorate your birthday party table with Spiderman Cake Toppers. Make a perfect birthday cake and bring a favorite red hero Spiderman to the birthday party.  

Spiderman Cake Toppers include: 

Our Spiderman cake toppers are made in high resolution with your party details. You will receive circle 9x9" (inches) standard size, ideal for your cake! But if you need a different size, let us know, and we will send it to you at no additional cost.

  • Size (inches): send your custom size for rounded or sheet cake
  • Quality: High Print 300dpi
  • Print File: PDF or JPG

If you want a special message or just a different design of Spiderman Cake Toppers with your personalization details, you can request a custom order.


 WHAT IS THIS?  Spiderman Cake Toppers is a digital personalized edible JPG image cake topper that you can print in the local print center and apply on the cake. It's very easy. It is applicable. All you have to do is to print it on.

 WHERE CAN I PRINT IT?  You can call your local bakery or candy or copy store and check with them. Small tip... every bakery or candy store will try to suggest a traditional cake topper (more money for them)... don't give up and call others or you can upload Spiderman design and print online!

 HOW TO TELL THEM WHAT I NEED?  Ask them to print Spiderman personal birthday photos/images on "frosting sheets" or "wafer paper."

 WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN PAPER?  "Frosting sheets" is the best option to print Spiderman cake topper, because colors are bright, vibrant, and clear. "Wafer paper" is paper without taste, but unlikely the frosting sheets, they do not melt into the frosting and are a little transparent. So our option will be "Frosting sheets" for the best Spiderman visual effects, and also you will save a lot of money compared to traditional cake toppers.

 HOW TO APPLY PRINTABLE CAKE TOPPER?  Check this video tutorial to learn how to apply Spiderman edible cake topper.

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